Mike Quackenbush

Genealogical Consultant

My research values ...

  • Be unbiased and remain skeptical of information to source all of the facts
  • Be motivated by curiosity and always keep an open mind
  • Be truthful and transparent, no matter what is discovered

Share Your Family History

“Families that share stories, stories about parents and grandparents, about triumphs and failures, provide powerful models for children. Children understand who they are in the world not only through their individual experience, but through the filters of family stories that provide a sense of identity through historical time.” Source: "Do You Know… The power of family history in adolescent identity and well-being", Journal of Family Life, Emory University. Fivush, Duke, Bohanek. 23 Feb 2010.

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Research Experience

Canada, United States, United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand