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Burlington Gazette - History by Helen Langford

Reader Input
Tues., April 4, 1978

Corrections in the stories of the woman of our Davis and Ghent families have provided interesting side lights of the past weeks. One of Hannah's relatives tells me that Hannah's surname was really Philipse not the Anglicized Phillips. Phillipse eas derived from the name Flypse - believed to be Dutch in origin. The name Hannah Philipse was carried by Hannah's granddaughter, Hannah Philipse Chisholm who grew up to marry Hiram Smith.

One of Maggie Clark's descendants says that the Davis-Ghent mill at Albion Falls was not the 'Creaking old Mill.' Maggie lived nearer to Caledonia. She married her song-writing school teacher only to die at age 23 - a sad ending to that lovely love song.

Now, back to our families. Another wedding in the Davis home at Albion affected our area. Mary Davis married James Gage (before 1798) and moved to the neighbouring Gage farm, not Battlefield House, Stoney Creek.

Some of Asahel Davis records are still intact, cherished by his great-great-grandson who lives in Burlington. Among the papers is the original deed signed by Joseph Brant with the deal of George III, and Asahel's leather bound note-book in which are recorded family data and accounts with neighbours. One item read: 1812 A. Bates Dr. to A. Davis, to three 1lb. buter 3 pounds 9 shillings.

Both Asahel Davis and Thomas Ghent continue to enlarge their families. Shortly after Ghent's arrival, George was born (1806) - believed to be the second white child born in Brant's Block. The first is believed to be Augustus Bates jr. in 1805. Ann and Asahel Davis had eight children when Ann died in 1814 within two weeks of the death of her two youngest children. Within a year Asahel married widow Hannah Bates.

Before another decade was out, Asahel and Hannah made plans to build a substantial brick home believed to be the back portion of the Schwindt Engineering building at 1134 Plains Road East.

Source: Langford, Helen. Burlington Gazette [Ontario], 4 Apr. 1978. Microfilm. Burlington Public Library - Central Branch. Reel No Missing.